Bridging the Gap: From Terrestrial to Icy Moons Cryospheres

Ice is omnipresent in our Solar System; on Earth, on planetary bodies, and on moons in the outer Solar System. In the past, terrestrial...

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Improving the predictive quality of repository-relevant simulations

{%- from 'macros.html' import show_publication_by_key %} During the last decades, the subsurface below our feet served as source for a...

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Efficiency and Safety in Geothermal Operations

Geothermal energy will play a key role in the energy transition as part of mitigating climate change. But how to operate a geothermal...

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Smartphone-based geophysical measurements

Geophysical measurements require the mobilization and operation of heavy and expensive equipment, which often sets limits on the group...

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Water Monitoring Award
by the Dr. Erich Ritter Foundation

The Dr. Erich Ritter Foundation has initiated the Water Monitoring Award in cooperation with the [Water Science...

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