About us

Welcome to the GIM!

Welcome to the online presence of the Geophysical Imaging and Monitoring (GIM) group at RWTH Aachen University! GIM was founded in February 2023 within the Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering and belongs to the Division of Earth Sciences and Geography. We are a growing team with a shared interest in imaging and monitoring the world below our feet.

In our research activities, we combine various geophysical techniques such as geoelectric, seismic, and electromagnetic methods to image the subsurface in a non-invasive manner at high spatial and temporal resolution. Paired with careful experimental design, data processing, choice of inversion parameters, and petrophysical models, our methods can be used to derive quantitative information on physical and process-relevant rock properties. These property estimates can be used to develop, calibrate, and validate numerical process simulations. This is key to predict future system behavior and support decision making in various geoscientific and environmentally relevant applications ranging from the use of geothermal energy and safe geological storage to monitoring climate-induced subsurface changes and related geohazards. In our projects, we collaborate with academic and industrial partners on an international level, our results are published regularly and we actively contribute to the development of open-source software.

In our teaching activities, we cover the whole spectrum of geophysics with subjects ranging from applied geophysical methods and field courses over mathematically and technically more involved courses (e.g., inverse modeling) to lectures on global geophysical phenomena. We actively contribute to the study programs “Applied Geosciences” and “Georesources Management” by the Division of Earth Sciences and Geography and the IDEA League joint master program in Applied Geophysics.

Interested to learn more? Feel free to get in touch with us.